Working Class Monster: How Folklore Became a Class Signifier


“Like legend and myth, magic fades when it is unused — hence all the old tales of elfin kingdoms moving further and further away from our world, or that magical beings require our faith, our belief in their existence, to survive. That is a lie. All they require is our recognition” ― Charles de Lint

Don't let "The Man" oppress your folklore! Don’t let “The Man” oppress your folklore!

We are after all animals.  Well I am at any rate.  Perhaps you’re a little more civilized.  I don’t like to pass judgment, but despite all our cool gadgetry and elaborate philosophies, most of us embrace a few residual elements of our beastly inheritance.  Maybe you’ve shed your fondness for raw meat and marking your territory (at least in the traditional excretory sense), but rest assured one aspect of the higher mammalian repertoire that we’ve retained is our acute awareness of the dominance hierarchy, that is, our social…

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Box Office: The 7 Major Films With Bigger Second Weekend Drop-Offs Than 50 Shades of Grey

We Minored in Film

At one point in Birdman, a particularly influential New York Times critic derides modern Hollywood for measuring its worth in single weekends, a reference to the way film box office has become so opening weekend-dependent. Well, if you measure 50 Shades of Grey on its opening weekend alone it’s an almost disgustingly humongous success story. It made $85.1 million in its opening weekend, $93 million across the 4-Day President’s Day Holiday. That’s the biggest February opening of all time, second biggest Winter opening (just behind American Sniper), biggest President’s Day performance, and fourth biggest opening for an R-rated film (behind Matrix Reloaded, American Sniper & The Hangover 3). That’s also the biggest opening weekend for a movie directed by a woman, in this case Sam Taylor-Johnson. This is all for a movie which only cost $40 million to make and probably no more than half of…

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Gojira Roars Back in Toho Studio’s 2016 Reboot

Today, we have a really great article from TDYLF reader (and apparently a great writer), Beth Kelly. Enjoy! 

Whether you know him as “Godzilla” or “Gojira”, a monster by any other name does not compare. Godzilla is the internationally-respected icon of radioactivity gone AWOL, famous for destroying cities from Tokyo to Paris with his hulking jaws, giant green feet and dangerously bad breath. But being a pop culture icon for over 60 years isn’t easy. After causing a ruckus in more than thirty different films, Ishiro Honda’s iconic monster remains with us, bringing life to our desire for monstrous imagery. And he isn’t going away anytime soon.

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Marvel Ramps Up Hype for Age of Ultron with New Poster Reveal (UPDATE)


Feast your eyes on the latest poster(s) for Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, as they begin their ramp up publicity for the May 1st weekend.

Something worth noting, for those of you eagle-eyed fans, is the fine print, listing the cast. Both Anthony Mackie (Falcon) and Hayley Atwell (Agent Peggy Carter) are now officially listed amongst the other Avengers cast. I think now’s a great time for a Marvel marathon, in preparation for the big day.


Someone has brought to my attention that famed composer Danny Elfman (best known for his work with director Tim Burton), who has recently worked on Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man 2, is credited as composing Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Also, Robert Downey Jr. has tweeted out the first official character poster, in what is presumed to be a series of posters, all featuring different characters.

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Birdman’s One-Shot Concept, Subtitle, Ambiguous Ending & Proposed Johnny Deep Cameo Explained

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It seems improbable that the Academy would go for a Black Swan-esque black comedy for Best Picture*, but that’s exactly what happened this weekend when Birdman took home Oscar’s top prize along with Best Director, Original Screenplay, and Cinematography. In the film, Michael Keaton plays an actor (Riggan Thompson) once famous for a bird-themed superhero movie franchise he left behind only to flame out.  On the downside of his career, he’s been reduced to an ill-advised attempt to finance, direct, write, and star in a Broadway stage adaptation of Raymond Carver’s What We Talk About When We Talk About Love.  It is the type of film which one person can praise, with no trace of hyperbole, as being “What we talk about when we talk about movie magic” and another person can muster little more than a confused, “I just don’t get it.”  It first came out in…

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Some Comedy Movies of 1990s

Let’s have a throwback on comedy movies on 90’s that many people have laugh and became happy. Some of us stick on latest and new movies, try also the past comedy movies one and you will surely laugh many times and love to watch again and again.


Dumb and Dumber


It is an American comedy films that was released on December 16, 1994 and written by Benneth Yellin and Farely brothers.

It is a story of two best friends Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne. Lloyd was a limousine driver and Harry was a dog groomer. The problem begins when Mary Swanson leaves her briefcase on Lloyd that drives her to the airport. It was ransom money for her kidnapped husband. The two boys decided to find Mary and give back the briefcase that was full of money. However they didn’t know that they were following two men which is Mental and Shay which is the kidnapper and of Mary’s husband. Lloyd accidentally killed Mental because of giving a wrong drink which is the rat poison. During their journey to Mary’s house they had used the money for their own needs and when they found Mary they give the briefcase but Shay and Nicholas Andre had kidnapped them but an FBI team had arrived to help them and arrest the two. At the end, Lloyd and Harry go home again and both jobless and don’t have money.


Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery


It is an American comedy film that was released on May 2, 1997 and directed by Jay Roach.

The story focuses on a British spy Austin Powers that attempts to assassinate his ultimate enemy Dr. Evil. But he had escape and go back again after thirty years with a new plan to threaten the world to have more money. Austin has known that he has already back again and he goes to Evil’s Headquarter together with his girl Vanessa. They destroy Dr. Evil’s plans there and he had escaped again using his rocket. At the end, Austin and Vanessa got married.


Tommy Boy


It is an American comedy film that was released on 1995 and directed by Peter Seagal.

The story follows Thomas R. “Tommy” Callahan III, the heir of Callahan Auto. His father Big Tommy had died and he have to handle and obliged to their business. At first he doesn’t have the ability to sell their products and to attract other people but as time goes he discover with his secretary that he has the ability to read people’s mind and he used it to sell their 500,000 brake pads. At the end he became the real and only owner of Callahan Auto together with his wife Michelle that helps him to solve his problems about his stepmother and stepbrother. This was really a nice comedy movie and a hilarious one.