Birdman’s One-Shot Concept, Subtitle, Ambiguous Ending & Proposed Johnny Deep Cameo Explained

We Minored in Film

It seems improbable that the Academy would go for a Black Swan-esque black comedy for Best Picture*, but that’s exactly what happened this weekend when Birdman took home Oscar’s top prize along with Best Director, Original Screenplay, and Cinematography. In the film, Michael Keaton plays an actor (Riggan Thompson) once famous for a bird-themed superhero movie franchise he left behind only to flame out.  On the downside of his career, he’s been reduced to an ill-advised attempt to finance, direct, write, and star in a Broadway stage adaptation of Raymond Carver’s What We Talk About When We Talk About Love.  It is the type of film which one person can praise, with no trace of hyperbole, as being “What we talk about when we talk about movie magic” and another person can muster little more than a confused, “I just don’t get it.”  It first came out in…

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