Box Office: The 7 Major Films With Bigger Second Weekend Drop-Offs Than 50 Shades of Grey

We Minored in Film

At one point in Birdman, a particularly influential New York Times critic derides modern Hollywood for measuring its worth in single weekends, a reference to the way film box office has become so opening weekend-dependent. Well, if you measure 50 Shades of Grey on its opening weekend alone it’s an almost disgustingly humongous success story. It made $85.1 million in its opening weekend, $93 million across the 4-Day President’s Day Holiday. That’s the biggest February opening of all time, second biggest Winter opening (just behind American Sniper), biggest President’s Day performance, and fourth biggest opening for an R-rated film (behind Matrix Reloaded, American Sniper & The Hangover 3). That’s also the biggest opening weekend for a movie directed by a woman, in this case Sam Taylor-Johnson. This is all for a movie which only cost $40 million to make and probably no more than half of…

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